Top 10 Most Costly Workplace Injuries


$1 Billion Each and Every Week

That is about what U.S. businesses spend on direct costs for workplace injury ($50 Billion per year), not to mention lost time and other indirect costs, according the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Direct costs include workers comp payments, medical costs and legal services. Indirect costs may include replacement worker expense, accident investigation, lost productivity, damaged equipment and the cost of low morale and absenteeism.

According to Liberty Mutual Insurance, these are the Top 10 most costly workplace injuries, totaling ~85% of all workplace injury costs:

Overexertion injuries caused by excessive lifting, pushing, pulling, holding or throwing  $12B
Fall on the same level slips and falls  $6B
Fall to a lower level  $5B
Bodily reaction injuries caused from slipping or tripping without falling  $5B
Struck by object such as a tool falling on a worker from above  $4B
Struck against object such as walking into a door  $3B
Highway incident  $2B
Caught in/compressed by  $2B
Repetitive motion injuries due to repeated stress or strain  $2B
Assaults or other violent acts  $1B

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