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Announcement of Katherine Moore, APRN, CNP at MainSt. Clinic

Announcement of Katherine Moore, APRN, CNP at MainSt. Clinic

Dr. Brian Birdwell and the MainStreet Clinic are excited to welcome Katherine Moore, Certified Nurse Practitioner. Katherine is joining the clinic with 10+ years of experience as a Registered Nurse and is offering services for all ages.

Katherine is now accepting memberships for personalized health care in the direct primary care model at MainSt. Clinic. Her goal is to make a difference in the lives of her patients, through a personal relationship built on trust, transparency and availability. Katherine seeks to make every client feel like family, where personal values and beliefs are respected.

Clinic membership includes unlimited office visits, home visits when needed, timely access to your provider via text, cell phone calls, emails, video chat or even through the Spruce online medical support app.

In 2007, Katherine graduated from the University of Oklahoma Health and Science Center with a Bachelor’s in Science and Nursing and has been a practicing Registered Nurse ever since. In 2018, she graduated with a Master of Science in Nursing and achieved her certifications as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse and Family Nurse Practitioner.

Her reputation as an avid community volunteer and leader is well known, as a past board member for the United Way of Southwest Oklahoma, heading the Community Investment Committee for several years; a current Cameron University Alumni Association Board member; and nationally, on the Community Education Committee for the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses.

For more information or to schedule your appointment, contact Katherine Moore via her website or call MainSt. Clinic at 580-248-9966.

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Many People Feel That Without Coverage, They Can’t Get Care

Many People Feel That Without Coverage, They Can’t Get Care

As seen in the Lawton Constitution December 21, 2017

Priced out of health insurance? Or do you feel it is too expensive to use?

We enjoy quality medical facilities and excellent health care providers in Lawton. But these services do not help people who cannot afford to access them.

Many working people feel they have been priced out of health insurance. And since health CARE has been inseparably linked to health insurance COVERAGE, many feel that without coverage, they can’t get care. While many who do have coverage feel that the cost of getting care makes their health insurance too expensive to use.
“The cost of health care in 2016 exceeded $25,000 per family,” according to the Milliman Index. And worse, cost per family has doubled from $12,500 in 2005, when Milliman first began tracking it.*

Direct primary care clinic membership offers personalized care, no insurance required

Direct primary care clinic membership is “centered around you,” old-fashioned health care from a personal physician. An old idea made new again. And clinic membership is also an ideal source of care for people who have no health insurance or who feel their coverage is too expensive to use for primary care.

Membership allows for unhurried visits where your Doctor has more time to hear your concerns, understand your health problems and provide you with the care and treatment you need.

Nationwide, face-time with a primary care Doctor averages seven to 10 minutes per visit. In direct primary care, Doctor face-time averages 35 minutes or more.** Ample time with your primary care Doctor is the foundation of effective health care. Time together builds trust. From trusting relationships, coupled with your Doctor’s expertise and experience, come the best decisions for your health.

“This is not football with the clock tick, tick, ticking down … Direct primary care clinic membership is like baseball. You have the time you need.” — Dr. Birdwell

The flat monthly membership fee includes:

  • Annual comprehensive wellness and medical exam
  • Unlimited clinic visits with same day/next day appointments
  • Discounts on labs, imaging and medications provide major savings
  • 24/7 communications via cell, text and email
  • Wellness counseling
  • Referrals to medical specialists and hospital-to-home coordination
  • Coordination of care to maximize the value of any insurance our members have
  • House call option
  • No long-term commitment

Ask about it at work!

Direct primary care clinic membership is a “care first” employer-sponsored group health benefit:

  • A flat monthly fee for all primary health care can be budgeted easily
  • Quality health care that can be accessed quickly and after hours is the ideal health benefit for business owner and employee alike
  • Many occupational health services are included in clinic membership
  • Vision care, too

MainStreet Direct Care proves to be the ideal (or only) source of care for many SW Oklahomans. With or without coverage, we help maximize the value of any insurance our members have and seek less-expensive alternatives where possible. Dispensing many prescription medicines at very low cost helps many families make ends meet.

When extra tests or specialized care is needed, we take time to help members make decisions and find strategies for affordability.

Direct Primary Care is the future of health care, available today. It’s about care, not coverage

* Source: Milliman Index ( Total cost includes coverage premiums plus the costs of care for a typical family of four, covered by an average employer-sponsored PPO plan.

** North Carolina State University MBA project comparing North Carolina direct pay medical practices to data collected from traditional practices

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Bring Back House Calls


House Calls Can Save Money and Increase the Quality of Care

As Dr. Jauhar so clearly shows in this New York Times article (and I wholeheartedly agree), revival of the house call would bring enormous benefits to the health care system, and improve care for those who need this service.

One clear benefit is preventing readmission to the hospital, an increasingly common problem that costs Medicare more than $17 billion a year. On a person-to-person level, doctors seeing patients where they live brings so many vital features to life, and can improve the quality of care significantly. 

McKinney Texas initiated a house call program involving local firemen/paramedics working with a team of doctors that has proven to reduce 911 calls, ER visits and hospital admissions up to 65 percent. House call-based programs improve health care communication, timeliness and quality of care, as well as save money – an excellent example of the public’s money saved through improved access and care vs. money saved by taking away coverage from vulnerable populations, as some politicians have recommended.

Mainstreet Clinic provides house calls to those people and families for whom in-office visits are difficult, impractical, or disruptive to the patient. The price is $150/month and includes regular visits (every 8 weeks at a minimum) as well as anytime the situation dictates, for example, upon return home after a hospitalization.

Call the clinic for more details: 580-248-9966.

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MainStreet Clinic Anniversary Open House Nov. 2


MainStreet Clinic Anniversary Open House

LAWTON – October 28, 2016 – MainStreet Clinic members and the Lawton area community are invited to an Anniversary Open House on Wednesday, November 2, 2016 from 4:00 until 6:00 p.m. at MainStreet Clinic, 415 W. Gore Blvd in Lawton.

Featured guest this year will be Elisabeth Murphy of Murphy Farms in Walters. Murphy will demonstrate the many organic fruits and vegetables grown year-round in neighboring Cotton County. Also Dr. Birdwell will present contributions from the Clinic’s generous members to the Lawton Family YMCA scholarship fund and to the Lawton Food Bank. These community partners exemplify the Clinic’s commitment to the “Keys to Health” – Eating Real Food, Getting Regular Exercise, and Access to Real Care. Please R.S.V.P. at (580) 248-9966.

MainStreet Clinic introduced an innovative health care payment model called direct primary care clinic membership to southwest Oklahoma.

“Clinic membership is a new health care model that is really old-fashioned, person-to-person health care. It’s a direct system between the doctor and the patient. I am available to you anytime you need a question answered or have a need. Even house calls. It’s whatever you need to stay well and be cared for,” Dr. Brian Birdwell said.

For a flat monthly membership fee, patients are assured

  • access to all clinic services on the same day or next day;
  • unhurried extended-time clinic visits;
  • contact with the doctor anytime by text or phone;
  • discounts on many generic medications dispensed directly from our clinic; and
  • other premium services.

No health insurance is required since MainStreet Clinic does not file insurance claims or do any billing for our care. But the Clinic does work with private insurance or government coverages for which members are eligible.

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Seeking a Renaissance in Personalized Health Care


Dr. Brian Birdwell, MD - Lawton, Oklahoma

Young people in Lawton tell us that direct primary care clinic membership is a “progressive innovation!” And then our senior members say, “That’s no innovation. It’s the way health care used to be!”

Both young and old agree: direct primary care clinic membership delivers personalized health care the way it should be now:

  • See your doctor promptly, in a calm clinic with uncrowded waiting room
  • Unhurried visits with a doctor who has plenty of time to listen, and who can take into consideration your goals for your health and well-being
  • Ongoing contact via personal communications, such as cell phone, text or email

Clinic members pay a flat monthly fee and in return, receive open access and attention to any pressing need. When a face-to-face visit is desired, doctor appointments can be made, typically the same day or next day. Time with your doctor is not limited by a ticking clock.

And on occasion, we even make house calls.

How is this possible?

Since we no longer must see you face-to-face in order to get paid by Medicare or the health insurance company, patient-doctor communication is not bound by the structure of electronic records or the duty to produce a bill. By contrast, in preferred provider networks (PPOs), the main focus of a primary care “patient encounter” has become generating a bill rather than promoting your health and well-being.

Nationwide, face-time with a primary care doctor averages seven to 10 minutes. In direct primary care, doctor face-time averages 35 to 45 minutes. Ample time with your primary care doctor is the foundation of effective health care. Time together builds trust. From trusting relationships, coupled with your doctor’s expertise and experience, come the best decisions for your health.

“This is not football with a ticking clock. Direct primary care clinic membership is like baseball. You have all the time you need.”


Remedy for employers agonizing over group health benefits

Two reasons why direct primary care clinic membership is ideal for employer group health plans:

  • A flat monthly fee for all primary health care can be budgeted easily, and
  • Quality health care that can be accessed quickly is the ideal health benefit for business owner and employee alike

Moreover, as columnist Dave Chase pointed out recently, “the typical American family with a Boomer head of household has $1 million less in their retirement account than they would have if healthcare spending had tracked with inflation, rather than healthcare’s hyperinflation.”

Shifting employee benefit dollars from health insurance back to direct health care spending has been proven to reduce employer health costs by 20 percent, which over time can loosen more benefits dollars for financial protection benefits and retirement savings.

Direct Care Partners, LLC offers employers Care First Benefits. Care First includes a simple way to contract directly with Lawton area physicians to provide these benefits in your group health plan, along with expert consulting to help you balance your plan’s health care, catastrophic health insurance, and financial protection benefits.

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Quality Health Care Is About Time, And The Time Is Now


By Jeff Davenport, MD (Edmond) and Brian Birdwell, MD (Lawton)

First published in the Lawton Constitution

Grand schemes by government and large corporations to reform health care in the U.S. always have good intentions and yet they all share one failure: they overlook the front lines of health care, which is the primary care physician’s office.

Primary care doctors have been put in a vise by the efforts of insurance companies and Medicare to manage health care costs through price controls and imposed regulation. The paperwork burden on physicians for coding, filing insurance claims, submitting documentation and phone calls to payers adds $50 on top of the real cost for every patient encounter. Adding insult to injury, both public and private payers restrict the compensation physicians can receive for providing patient health care, which inevitably cuts down the time we may spend with our patients. To make financial ends meet, the typical primary care physician has less than 15 minutes of actual face-time with each patient.

This might be an acceptable burden if it led to quality care and patient satisfaction. But sadly, quality and satisfaction are the worst casualties of public and private sector attempts at managed care.

The most valuable component of primary medical care is TIME: time with patients; time to listen and to let patients know they are being heard; time to learn about everything that impacts our patients’ health; time to coordinate all the factors and render the highest quality of care, based on our medical training and professional judgment; time to actually care. Because “it’s about care, not coverage.” *

Entering into primary care has become an unappetizing career path for residents emerging from medical school. And this at a time when public health experts are pointing to a potential crisis in insufficient numbers of primary care doctors.

But there is hope.

A new medical and business model for the primary care doctor’s office is catching on. We call it “direct primary care,” because it is based on a simple idea: the patient joins the doctor’s clinic as a member, pays the doctor directly, and now, the doctor works only for the patient.

For around the cost of a monthly cable or cell phone bill, most consumers can be assured of access to their doctor, when they need it, and comprehensive primary medical care throughout the year, including preventive care.

We have established this direct primary care model in our clinics and hear from many other Oklahoma physicians who want to do the same in their health care practice. We agree that health insurance is an important protection, and with this model, insurance can be reserved for its true purpose: unplanned or prohibitively expensive procedures for an individual or their family.

As primary care doctors, we are not alone. Innovative employers are stepping up to offer their employees reimbursement for direct primary care membership fees. And now, thanks to the leadership of Senators Rob Standridge of Norman and Ervin Yen of Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma Senate Insurance Committee has passed Senate Bill (SB) 560 to protect patients’ and physicians’ rights to enter into direct primary care membership agreements without the interference of insurance regulations.

Voters, please contact your representatives in the legislature and thank them for supporting SB 560 in the Senate and the House. And physicians, please take a close look at direct primary care and ask if this health care model is right for you and your patients. It’s about time.

Jeff Davenport, MD is a family physician and owner of One Focus Medical in Edmond. Brian Birdwell, MD is an internist and occupational medicine physician, owner of MainSt. Clinic in Lawton. 

* “It’s about care, not coverage.” is a registered trademark in the U.S. by Direct Care Partners, LLC in Lawton, Oklahoma.

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