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Dr. Brian Birdwell, MD - Lawton, Oklahoma

Young people in Lawton tell us that direct primary care clinic membership is a “progressive innovation!” And then our senior members say, “That’s no innovation. It’s the way health care used to be!”

Both young and old agree: direct primary care clinic membership delivers personalized health care the way it should be now:

  • See your doctor promptly, in a calm clinic with uncrowded waiting room
  • Unhurried visits with a doctor who has plenty of time to listen, and who can take into consideration your goals for your health and well-being
  • Ongoing contact via personal communications, such as cell phone, text or email

Clinic members pay a flat monthly fee and in return, receive open access and attention to any pressing need. When a face-to-face visit is desired, doctor appointments can be made, typically the same day or next day. Time with your doctor is not limited by a ticking clock.

And on occasion, we even make house calls.

How is this possible?

Since we no longer must see you face-to-face in order to get paid by Medicare or the health insurance company, patient-doctor communication is not bound by the structure of electronic records or the duty to produce a bill. By contrast, in preferred provider networks (PPOs), the main focus of a primary care “patient encounter” has become generating a bill rather than promoting your health and well-being.

Nationwide, face-time with a primary care doctor averages seven to 10 minutes. In direct primary care, doctor face-time averages 35 to 45 minutes. Ample time with your primary care doctor is the foundation of effective health care. Time together builds trust. From trusting relationships, coupled with your doctor’s expertise and experience, come the best decisions for your health.

“This is not football with a ticking clock. Direct primary care clinic membership is like baseball. You have all the time you need.”


Remedy for employers agonizing over group health benefits

Two reasons why direct primary care clinic membership is ideal for employer group health plans:

  • A flat monthly fee for all primary health care can be budgeted easily, and
  • Quality health care that can be accessed quickly is the ideal health benefit for business owner and employee alike

Moreover, as columnist Dave Chase pointed out recently, “the typical American family with a Boomer head of household has $1 million less in their retirement account than they would have if healthcare spending had tracked with inflation, rather than healthcare’s hyperinflation.”

Shifting employee benefit dollars from health insurance back to direct health care spending has been proven to reduce employer health costs by 20 percent, which over time can loosen more benefits dollars for financial protection benefits and retirement savings.

Direct Care Partners, LLC offers employers Care First Benefits. Care First includes a simple way to contract directly with Lawton area physicians to provide these benefits in your group health plan, along with expert consulting to help you balance your plan’s health care, catastrophic health insurance, and financial protection benefits.

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