Total Work Injury Management

Harness the cost and impact of work injuries

work injury managementTurn to MainStreet Clinic for reliable, expert advice, and a lighted pathway through the medical maze. Our first concern is delivering appropriate care for employees, while we also firmly believe that conserving workers’ compensation resources promotes business health and preserves jobs.

From cuts and contusions on the construction site or in the machine shop to the office worker whose fingers are tingly or numb. These and many other types of workplace injuries put workers and employers in need of total work injury management from MainStreet Clinic.

MainStreet Clinic provides employees with prompt attention and coordination of medical care. At the same time, we provide employers with a total injury management service with clear goals and a return-to-work plan that is articulated from the start. We customize our approach to fit each company’s needs and priorities. Continual communication is the key to our success, and yours.

Total Work Injury Management

Total work injury management includes:

Clinical Management — triage, diagnosis and treatment both in the Clinic and coordinated with other health practitioners

Return To Work Management — assessment, planning and coordination with employer and the appropriate professionals

Resource Management — coordination and managed care approach to ensure the best care for the worker while conserving employer resources

Communication with employers is a key success factor for injury care management, employee awareness and prevention.

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