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Direct Primary Care Membership for Employees

occupational health servicesMainStreet direct primary care clinic membership is an ideal employer-sponsored CARE FIRST health benefit.

No health insurance required.

MainStreet Direct Care membership gives your employees fast access to a doctor and improves employee satisfaction. Employers with fewer than 50 employees are not required to provide health insurance.

Many of us have been priced out of health insurance and clinic membership is an alternative employee benefit that many people want and can afford.*

How Clinic Membership Works

  • A flat monthly fee for all primary health care can be budgeted as a fixed monthly payroll deduction
  • Any employee portion of membership fees can be payroll-deducted (post tax) 
  • Employees access doctor care quickly during office hours and after-hours, either in person or via cell phone, text or email
  • We help maximize the value of any insurance our members have and seek less-expensive alternatives where possible
  • When extra tests or specialized care is needed, we take time to help members make decisions and find strategies for affordability
  • Discounts may be arranged for lab work and diagnostic imaging; dispensing many prescription medicines at low cost helps many families make ends meet
  • The clinic membership agreement is entered into by each employee individually; we protect the doctor-patient relationship
  • Membership benefit may be all employer-paid or partial employee-paid
  • Once you decide the benefit(s) to offer, the last thing an employer does is schedule an employee meeting with Dr. Birdwell (we take care of the rest)

Vision care, too. When employers offer access to MainStreet Clinic membership, people may also enroll in Primary Vision Care Services.

View what’s included in membership

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Contact Dr. Birdwell for an employer benefits packet, call today: 580 248-9966

* Dr. Birdwell recommends that direct primary care clinic membership be paired with a high-deductible health insurance plan, such as a bronze plan offered under the Affordable Care Act.

Care First Alliance Direct Primary Care

Occupational Health and Wellness Services

First call for occupational health and wellness

Make MainStreet Clinic your first call for immediate response to workplace injury, and for total work injury management.

We are an independent clinic – working for you – not operated by a hospital system or corporation. We strive to help your employees get well, get back to work, and to help conserve resources workers and employers.

We hold that companies and their employees share a mutual stake in our community commerce, and we are committed to the conservation of resources and preservation of jobs. View/Print Flyer

First Call – Total Injury Management – Drug-Free Workplace – Work Fitness

Comprehensive occupational health and wellness services

  • 24/7 Response
  • Same Day/Next Day Appointments

Total Work Injury Management

  • Over 20 years of experience with worker’s compensation care in Lawton
  • Individualized back-to-work plans
  • We know about recordables!

Respirator Clearance — Quick!

  • 24-48 hour turnaround
  • On-site wellness screening

Drug-Free Workplace

  • Hands-on assistance with developing company drug testing policy
  • Trained, experienced staff
  • Full range of testing (urine, hair)
  • On-site testing available

Work Fitness Evaluations

  •  Pre-hire evaluations
  • Return to work assessments and recommendations
  • Work modification recommendations

Contact MainStreet Clinic for occupational health and wellness services.