Direct Primary Care, A Simple Solution


The current health care system has become unsustainable, with costs for health insurance spiraling upward year over year at a rate several times greater than inflation. And while costs have risen sharply, the system has also failed to deliver affordable primary care to a large slice of the U.S. public, 50,000,000 by some counts.

After 25 years of experiments with insurance managed care, the result is

  • ineffective cost management,
  • decreased quality and availability of primary care for many people, and
  • loss of professional satisfaction among physicians.

The direct primary care solution is simple: De-couple care from coverage and offer health care consumers a low monthly clinic membership. Imagine primary care like this:

  • patients subscribe directly to the clinic of their choice,
  • pay modest monthly membership dues, and
  • receive the primary care they need, when they need it, on their terms.

Direct primary care membership ensures same day or next day appointments, along with longer, unhurried clinic visits. By eliminating insurance reimbursement, coding, billing and collections, as much as $50 per patient encounter is also eliminated. Costs are lowered. And the physician now works only for the patient.

Direct primary care membership is based on a simple, entrepreneurial business model, that supports a better medical model of primary care.

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