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Occupational health and direct care membership for workers

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Direct Primary Care

Your direct primary care clinic in Lawton, offering comprehensive primary care, regardless of insurance.

Direct primary care membership

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Innovative medical services in the old fashioned style of a personal physician caring for each patient individually.

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Flattening the Curve

Much has been said on the news and in social media about “social distancing” and “flattening the curve.” But what do those mean? And why do they matter?

The Common Sense Family Doctor offers a concise answer

Katherine Moore

Announcement of Katherine Moore, APRN, CNP at MainSt. Clinic

Katherine Moore, Certified Nurse Practitioner, is joining the MainSt. Clinic offering personalized health care services for all ages. Read more

Salmon Pattie Recipe with Yogurt Sauce

MainStreet Clinic Newsletter Autumn 2018

Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter, Word on the Street. Read about:

Featured Recipe Salmon Patties with Yogurt Sauce and

#FightFlu This Season –  Download Newsletter PDF

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Supercharge Your Salads, Soups and Stir-fries by Adding Protein-Rich Plant Foods to Your Diet. Gradually.

Concerned about your risk of a heart attack or stroke? Getting more protein from vegetables and grains is one of the best weapons you have to prevent cardiovascular disease. Depending on age and gender, people need between 10 and 70 grams of protein every day. This blog lists protein-rich legumes, grains and vegetables that can be combined to meet your daily requirement of protein. Dr. Birdwell suggests combining these with your favorite meats to gradually balance your sources of protein. Read more

Health App Lose It!

Should A Mobile Health App Be Your Next Prescription?

This mobile health app helps you keep track of every snack, every meal to monitor calories burned through exercise and puts you in control.

Read Common Sense Family Doctor

Brian Birdwell, MD

The Open Health Care Economy

Taking down barriers to an open health care economy is a joint effort by health care providers, consumers and employers — MainStreet Clinic is a point of entry for our members

View Videos from Silver Sneakers on Healthy Exercise for People of All Ages, and Particularly People 50+

Your Health Blog

MainStreet Clinic

Seeking a Renaissance in Personalized Health Care

Is direct primary care clinic membership a progressive innovation?  

Or is it just the way health care used to be?

MainStreet Clinic seeks to deliver health care the way it should be now: prompt access to your clinic, ample time with your doctor, and personalized communication.